Audi A8 Self Parking


Audi A8 - A high-tech beast that can park itself!

It looks like, starting next year, parking would be as easy as getting out of your car, unlocking your smartphone and let the car park itself!

According to latest reports, the all-new Audi A8 will be able to do just that.

This feature will be a part of the new Audi AI package being built into the 2018 A8 model. The AI package will also be able to offer parallel parking and parking in bays forwards or backwards.

The Garage Pilot, similar to parking system, will allow the A8 to slide in an out of cover without anyone having to be inside the car.

The myAudi app will also give you live stream of the car on your phone which means you don't even need to have the car in your line of sight (as long as you are within 6 meters of the car).

If you are ever stuck in a traffic jam, the Audi AI can help with that too. Using radar, ultrasonic and laser sensors along with a front facing camera, the new A8 will be capable of taking control of the accelerating, steering and braking via the Audi AI traffic jam pilot.

"customer availability [of AI and autonomous functions] is dependent upon the completion of very extensive testing, the development of enabling legal frameworks and the time required for homologation [official confirmation] procedures - these are very different around the world." - Said an Audi spokesperson to TechRadar.

As far as autonomous driving goes, we believe Audi is on the right path!

Content courtesy: TechRadar 

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