Audi Lunar Quattro


"Space: the final frontier". Famous words uttered by one of the most prominent figures in space exploration, Captain Kirk. Despite only being a popular television show in the past, Star Trek inspired many young minds to think beyond our own world.

Between 1955 and 1972, the Space Race was front and center. Backed by the fear of giving up space supremacy to rival Russia, the United States saw an unprecedented level of development in the field of space exploration which eventually culminated in putting man on the moon. Now that the Cold War has ended, funding has been diverted from space exploration to military needs.

Not content with current progress, privately owned companies have recently begun to take matters into their own hands and continue to push ahead. Whereas SpaceX is looking to design reusable components with the goal of reducing the cost of bringing people to space, Google is taking a more exploratory route and is funding $30 million for the modern space race.

With the goal of placing a rover on the moon and traverse 500 meters while relaying high-definition lunar footage, this new space race is once again recapturing the imagination and curiosity that we all once had. Already at the forefront of all-wheel drive technology, Audi has partnered with the German team Part Time Scientists to help fund and design the winning rover. Dubbed the Audi Lunar Quattro, it will utilize technology from Audi vehicles including the famous quattro system, light frame and piloted driving.

Due to launch in 2017, Audi is ready to go all in to develop the next generation in rover technology.

Date Posted: July 6, 2015

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