Pre-Owned Pricing Philosophy


Honesty. Transparency. Respect for you.

As a member of Canada's largest automotive group,
Audi Queensway's sterling reputation in servce of 
discerning Greater Toronto Area drivers is unrivalled. 


We adhere to a strict selection process.
Only the finest, cleanest automobiles - with documented
service history - make our final cut. As one of the GTA's 
best-selling dealers, inventory is always fresh and current.

Our rigorous inspection process includes:
  • 114 exterior checkpoints
  • 98 interior checkpoints
  • 38 engine checkpoints
  • 39 undercarriage checkpoints
  • 17 road test checkpoints


Automated online price comparisons.

We poll thousands of pre-owned websites in order to bring
internet pricing down to a local level.

  • VAuto
  • AutoTrader 


Information empowers your purchase.

Fear of the unknown is a chief concern for pre-owned vehicle buyers. That's why we provide a Vehicle Information Packet,
complete with the following:

  • Service documentation
  • Lien history
  • Warranty information and updates
  • Recall background, if applicable